Wednesday, May 23, 2012

General News

Well it has been awhile since I have had a chance to write, alot of things are going on some good, some not so good.

My son is now officially enlisted in the Air Force, he can be call anytime after June 20th to do his basic training and from there go to where ever they need him to. He has chosen to work on the big plane engines, doing what I haven't the foggest idea, but as long as he is happy, that's all that matters. My daughters boyfriend has been in Greenland working on their networking issues most of the week, then sometime this year he is suppose to go south for 6 months for more training in his particular Air Force training, so things are finally on track for that.

I have started the signing up progress to get into the fall craft fairs, biggest problem there is that I only just found the listings and most of them are already filled in my area, so I have been putting myself on the waiting lists for cancellations, but if nothing else I can back track through my email and possibly get the ball rolling on these in January of next year so that I can do them next year.

My husbands work is going full steam ahead, which is good, but the bad part is no time to QUILT. I have been trying to fit in time for hand sewing, but sometimes there is no time at the end of day for even that. Someday when things slow down, I will be ready to sew, then watch out :)


We are still struggling with medical paperwork for health coverage for my son til he goes into the Air Force. I have filled the applications out three times, and each time they come back to be refilled out again, because they can't find out in what tier we fit. At this rate, I am thinking he will probably get called out to do basic and I will get the call the next day that they have found what tier we fit in and we won't need it anymore. Oh well, such is life.

Everything else is going along, summer is coming, hopefully time lounging in a lawn chair looking out over a lake is in the future.
Til then, everybody have a gorgeous spring :)

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