Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quilt Top Done

Customer that ordered a custom Queen size quilt will be up in the middle of the month to give his go ahead, and drop off a deposit. I am waiting til he looks at it to go any further with it, not that I am worried that he won't like it, I just like them to be able to see what they are buying.
We attempted to send him a picture, but his phone won't except picture mail, and he has no online access where he lives :) I can't see be able to live without a computer, but he seems to do okay without one;

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Potential Sale !

Well the gentlemen that wanted me to repair his childhood quilt came and got it today, and I asked if I could take a picture and post it, he said he would rather I didn't. He was very happy with it and couldn't believe what a good job I had done.
Then asked me to give him a price on a full size quilt, and wants me to tie it as the finishing technique. So once we decide on a pattern and what he wants for fabric, it looks like I will be doing another quilt for this gentlemen. Just goes to show that quilt buying is not just a woman thing. If he does this it will be the third quilt order for him, I think it has got to do with him coming from a quilting family, both his grandmother and aunt used to quilt.
I can't wait to get started on it for him !

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Great Addiction

I am seriously addicted to Pinterest, I have been combining it with Stumbleupon. I have made a few new boards and have found alot of great photos and recipes in which to pin on those boards.
I unfortunately have not learned the trick of getting them above the number 10 spot for searches in my shop thou, but I can seriously lose hours on the internet pinning and stumbling.
This is one of the great recipes I found just recently, and have my husband just about talked into letting me make it;


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Very Important Read

This was in my mailbox this morning, and is a very important read if you have a online business, or shop online;


And this is a petition that you can sign;


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quilt Repair

Gentleman who bought the last quilt I sold had a surprise for me last weekend. He brought over a quilt that had been his from when he was a child. His mom was moving out of the family homestead and was dividing up the possessions and came across this quilt, so of course she asked him if he wanted it.
He brought it over Saturday to see if it could be repaired, in the process of him using it, he caught it on the edge of the bed and some of the stars had started to come loose.
I don't usually want to take on this kind of job, and the big reason being, they are usually family heirlooms, and I am afraid of lessening the value of the quilt by doing modern repairs to a obvious antique quilt, but he really wants to put it back on his bed. So we are doing a quilt repair, all by hand, which is not that big of a deal, I Love doing hand work, which if anybody really knows me, knows that I particularly love English Paper Pieced Hexagons. I promise to load a finish photo when this beauty is finished. I am just about half way done with it at this point.
Then we move on to another quilt order for a queen size quilt with wolves, which will be placed in a Adirondack summer home up near Saranac Lake.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Never let it be said that tax time is fun, even less so when you get a call from the financial advisor/accountant . I have spent the last three weeks tracking down receipts and logs for everything pertaining to my husbands business, he really needs a accountant to keep track of all these things for him, but he settles for me.  Got him all set and made the call to the Joe to make sure that everything was in line for making the appointment to get the papers over to him, when he hits me with the whammy.
Background info, my husbands business expanded threefold so he is now a LLC, which requires different rules and regulations on how the paper work is done, basically, no receipt or documentation, no deduction, try explaining that to a DH whos idea of paperwork is to throw it into a envelope and let the paper fairy (me) take care of it, LOL.
The whammy, we will be audited this year because we are running dual self employed businesses out of the same household, so I was told that if there was no documentation, do not even think of claiming it. Which means that I won't be able to take much of anything off in my quilt shop as expenses, but can claim everything in the supply shop, because I have all the packing lists from the suppliers.
We talked and tried to find a way, but I have no idea how much fabric or thread that I used to make a quilt. The one good thing that has come out of this, I went and put project bags together right down to the thread that is being used, and when the project is made and listed, I will be able to take it off this year. Not a bad thing, but when i counted the bags that I am hoping to accomplish, it numbers 20, I think I had better get moving on those projects.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sold my first quilt to a customer today, and it wasn't a family member;

I am a hurting !

My husbands company had a roofing job that was suppose to be done 2 weeks ago in Massachusetts, well when we went to do the job they had snow. Now this is a metal roof that we would be tarping, supposedly it is leaking, we still haven't found a leak, but we must do as the banks want, so we cleaned away the snow, but as anybody knows, metal roofs have ridges and everyone of them have a channel of ice. So we turned around and came home to tell the bank. We were told to keep a eye on the weather and do it the next time we had a chance, well we went and did it today. If you have ever had to balance yourself on the peak of a metal roof in 30 degree weather and snowing, you know this was not a fun job today. It is done, and hopefully we won't be getting another of these jobs any time soon, even in good weather, metal roofing at a 30 degree pitch is slippery work, and keeping your footing without going over the edge is a tongue biting experience.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I did it !

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I am so proud of myself, and a thousand thanks to Homespun Loft for helping me get started, I accomplished a new banner.