Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am a hurting !

My husbands company had a roofing job that was suppose to be done 2 weeks ago in Massachusetts, well when we went to do the job they had snow. Now this is a metal roof that we would be tarping, supposedly it is leaking, we still haven't found a leak, but we must do as the banks want, so we cleaned away the snow, but as anybody knows, metal roofs have ridges and everyone of them have a channel of ice. So we turned around and came home to tell the bank. We were told to keep a eye on the weather and do it the next time we had a chance, well we went and did it today. If you have ever had to balance yourself on the peak of a metal roof in 30 degree weather and snowing, you know this was not a fun job today. It is done, and hopefully we won't be getting another of these jobs any time soon, even in good weather, metal roofing at a 30 degree pitch is slippery work, and keeping your footing without going over the edge is a tongue biting experience.

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