Thursday, August 23, 2012


I  found this great site that offers free product promotion, and at the end of the month you get to vote on the items and possibly be eligible for a spot of free advertising for the next month if your item wins.
Even if it doesn't, it is still advertising for your shop for the month, then the following month you can put another items up and start the process all over again.
Now, in all truthfulness, it wasn't actually a find per say, as one of my team mates was announcing a new site she had started and wanted her team mates to participate and maybe spread the word to get more people to participate, so I am doing my part :)
Won't you stop over, put up a item from your shop, and maybe vote on some of the other ones posted and lets see who gets their product spotlighted this month :)
Shop Owners Flea Market


  1. Hello there! Thanks for visiting and commenting on the latest Cuddly! My daughter is just setting up an Etsy Shop with a friend, in which Memory quilts are going to feature, so if I may, I'll let her know about you and your services. How does she get in touch with you, other than via the blog? Thanks again for your support.

    1. She can reach me through my Etsy shop or she can email me @

  2. Thank you for the promotion! The more the merrier.. :-D