Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IBH shop of the Week

My spotlight shop this week is ;

This shop carries a variety of different items, from traditional crocheted items for adults and children, to vintage and wedding items. With this much diversity there has got to be something that you just have to have.

I particularly love these; handmade crochet blue flower flip flop they would be a really cute addition to your summer closet.

And this would be appropriate for the cool weather that is starting to descend on those of us who live in the northern hemisphere; red sparkle ribbon knit scarfWith the cool weather today, I am definitely feeling the need for one of these, Brrrrr !!!!!

If you get a chance, be sure to check out Debbi and Amanda's shop, it could be well worth your time :)


  1. Very pretty red sparkle ribbon knit scarf. Thanks for shrinking.

  2. Longing for cooler weather.... 102 here this weekend! Pretty scarf!

  3. That fluffy scarf looks cozy! I can't believe how fast the summer passes.

  4. I love finding new shops! Thank you for the review!