Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Still trying to figure this out

I have, I think figured out why I have such a problem getting into here, G+ automatically want to log me in under that account and unfortunately when I started this I did not have a account with them so I have to remember to sign in differently :)

I have been creating some different things lately, this being one of the newest
these are soooo cute and fun to make to boot. These are available in my handmade shop on Etsy right now and probably when Amazon opens their handmade site they will get moved over to there. I currently have 4 different one listed and have yet to take pictures of the latest one which would require sunshine which is in short supply today :) If you want to see the other ones just follow this link:
Handmade Shop

I have started to make a new scarf from some new yarn that the supplier got in, it is called Stripes from Bernat, I only have a few rows done so far but it is turning out alright so far, I will have to remember to upload a picture when I am done with it. I have just re entered into doing crochet so we have to relearn all the terminology and stitches all over again, and apparently my husband wants me to start knitting again as well seeing as he brought me a set of circular knitting needles the other day that one of his customers gave him :)

Well have to go see about doing some housework then I have to load more Military lanyards onto the embroidery machine so that I can stay ahead of the embroidered girlfriend lanyard orders, til next time.

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