Friday, July 8, 2016

Delayed Shop News

Why do I always seem to be running behind when it comes to posting updates ? Let me tell you one reason, a outside job that takes me away from my business !!
On to the updates, donation was made to the USO for the first quarter of the year, yep I know, we are already into the second quarter, see, told you I was seriously running behind, but it was made when it was suppose to be just forgot to update the tally on my blog.

New fabrics and patterns have been loaded into the web site; and we are currently moving some of my handmade items into there as well, having a bit of a issue trying to find a way to separate the handmade from the supply items in case people only want to see one or the other, it is definitely a work in progress and sooner then later we will get it figured out so that it is a smoother transition so anybody visiting I ask for your patience as we get it figured out.
Craft show applications are being sent in and some have sent confirmation for attendance, as they arrive I will be sure to update the web site, the listing location and times can be found under the tab craft fairs, hope to see some local customers visiting and getting to finally meet you.
I apologize for this being so short but I have to get some more items moved onto the web site before having to do everything else on the to do list today.
Thank you very much for your time and patience and I will hopefully be back again soon;)

In the meantime anyone looking for some really cute baby photo props and they can crochet, be sure to check out this web site, she has a bunch listed with tutorials and pictures:
crochet baby photo props

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