Friday, October 7, 2011


Well we were in Prattsville New York today, one of the houses we had to check for the bank was one of the ones that is slated to be wrecked. Really no surprise seeing as Irene pretty much wiped the whole town off the map, but still very heart breaking. You can take as many pictures as you want of this area, but to see it up close is just gut wrenching, especially seeing as I remember how picturesque it was a few months ago next to a very calm and soothing schoharie river, and kids playing in the water. Now there are no children to be seen and very few people who used to live there. Lots of big machinery and workers tearing down the houses, and as you leave town one of the huge areas that the river carved out is now full of the debris that they have pulled from the river as well as the houses that have already met the wrecking ball.
We have not been down near Phonecia or Margaretville yet, so I am not sure what we will see there. The Delaware and Schoharie Rivers were just a devastating to that area as well. They carved their own paths and it really didn't matter if your house was there or not. Fema still has a huge presence in that area, although from the news reports these poor people shouldn't rely too much on anything from them, budget constraints have made the size of the grants available to rebuild virtually non existent.

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