Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This garage/shed is doing the slow slide down the mountain into the creek below, the area that is sliding is getting dangerously close to where the house is.

You can also see from one of the pictures the path that the river took going through this area, and how far up the water rose when it went through this area. When looking at the river bank, you get a very good understanding why some people no longer have homes or business left after the storm.

Well they have finally gotten route 42 in Lexington opened to traffic. It took a fair bit of work to put in new bridges and road through this heavy storm hit area. This area, unfortunately did not make out any better then Prattsville. Whole neighborhoods are now gone all up and down the roads that were nearest to the creek. This area was also the hardest hit in dirt, whole areas of the mountain came sliding down and covered roadways and took house and garages down into or nearly into the creeks and waterways in the area.

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