Monday, July 10, 2017


Finished the second quarter USO donation tally and sent the check out in todays mail.

Aprils total- $18.30
Mays total- $9.50
and June- $14.20

Total check amount $42.00

Sales were down for Military as well as for everything else in the shop, Etsy has been ramming through some very massive changes to how the customers put items into their carts to how they view our items, which now show our competitors items when a person is viewing our item that they might have followed back from a link or social media site.

A lot of shops have closed down and moved off site, but there are always new ones opening so I don't think etsy is going to go anywhere anytime soon. In order to bump sales I have even found it necessary myself to move off site. I still have both shops on Etsy with items in both but have found it necessary to "spread" the wealth to other sites to see if we can bump up sales.

My primary web site which has the links to each of the separate selling shops that I operate:

Etsy custom military shop with sewing and craft supplies:

Etsy handmade shop with military baby , crochet and lanyards:

Ebay with precut cotton fabrics for quilting sewing and craft uses:

Artyah with my husbands handmade wood items and the rest of my handmade items that I make as time allows:

We are also getting ready for Craft Fair season and listings for the local sites we are vending can be found on my web site under the tab craft fairs 2017, my husband will be bringing his new wood items to display as well. Hoping for a good season this year as we have added a few new venues that we haven't participated in before so we shall see.

I'll leave you with this cute pattern I found for those of you into sewing :)

Til next time have a good summer and I will be back soon with any new updates.

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